Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Halloween!

We live in Canada, so our Thanksgiving is in October. This means I tend to do Thanksgiving and Halloween crafts around the same time. This year we made:

Handprint Turkey:
To make this you just paint the palm of your child's hand and the thumb brown and each finger a different colour. Then, once the paint has dried, you paint on legs, an eye, beak and the dangly red thing!

Handprint Pumpkin
To make this one you simply paint an orange pumpkin and face and then use your child's hand (painted green) to stamp on the leaves at the top!

Hand Spider and Foot Ghost
To make this one you paint your child's foot white and press it onto a piece of paper. Then, let them dip their finger in black paint and dap on the eyes and mouth.

To make the spider, you paint the hand minus the thumb black. Then, press it onto the paper. Repeat again, making sure the palm overlap.

Hand Trees

To make these you either trace around your child's hand or paint their hand and have them press it on the paper. Then, draw a tree trunk. Place some blobs of paint on a paper plate and let your child finger paint on some leaves!

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