Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easter Crafts

I made these last year when my little boy was my one and only baby. I have plenty of ideas for Easter crafts this year and can't wait to try them out with both kids!

Handprint Bunny:

For this craft, you want to trace your child's hand onto a sheet of white paper. Then, cut off all but the middle and pointer finger (from the traced hand...not your child's). You will want to round out the palm, too. This is your bunny's face!

Then, all you do is draw on a bunny face, cut out a body and add a cotton ball tail!
And there you have a little Easter bunny!

Easter Lily

You can make several of these to have a bouquet of fake Easter lilies.

For this one, you trace around your child's hand on white paper. You'll want to extend it down a bit, as if you were drawing the wrist.

Then, take a green pipe cleaner or a kabob skewer that has been coloured green (like I had to use). You can then either wrap two short yellow pipe cleaners around the end of the green one, or tape on two pieces of yellow paper.

Then, you wrap your child's handprint around the "stem" and secure it with tape.

Curl the ends of the fingers around a pen and ta-da! Easter lily.

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