Tuesday, January 24, 2012


When my son was younger I made my own paints. It's easy and totally edible, which was important when he was in his "everything must go into my mouth" phase.

To make these paints all you need is flour, food colouring, water, and salt (or sugar).

Simply mix flour and water together until you have your desired consistency. I tended to make this paint a bit thicker. Then, add in a small bit of salt or flour (just for texture) and enough food colouring to get your desired colour. These paints dry a bit thick and crumbly but stick to the paper. And, it's really easy to clean!

Painted Leaves

I like crafts that involve both art and getting outside. This is one of those crafts.

To make this you simply go out and pick a bunch of leaves in various sizes and shapes. Then, paint them very lightly and press onto paper. Our first attempt had too much paint and you didn't get enough detail but it's all trial and error with crafts!

Q-Tip Painting

This was fun to do and is different than the usual finger paintings or brush paintings we do. Plus, it helps kids with those fine motor skills!

I just put some blobs of paint onto a paper plate, gave my son some q-tips and let him go to town!

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