Monday, February 27, 2012

St Patrick's Day Craft - Leprechaun and Shamrock Tree

I've been googling and looking on Pinterest for some St. Patrick's Day crafts and there is surprisingly little out there for kids in the 2-3 age bracket. So, I've had to improvise and create some ideas of my own!

Today, we decided to make two St. Patrick's Day crafts. Neither are labour intensive because I have a sicky little boy on my hands and he's not wanting to do much of anything today.

But, this craft uses some of his favourite things...paints and glitter glue!

Let's start with our Handprint Leprechaun!

What You Need:

White paper
Brown and red paints
Pink & red construction paper
Green and yellow paper (I used cardstock)
Blue paint or paper
Black marker
A hand (hopefully you have at least one of these...)

How to Make it:

Mix some brown and red paint together to get a ruddy colour. Then, paint your child's hand with this and press the hand onto a piece of paper. Make sure the fingers are spread out a little! Note: It is incredibly hard to get a 3 month old to let you paint her hand and press it onto paper.

While this is drying, cut out a green hat. I added a small strip of yellow and a buckle. Glue this to the paper above your handprint (the fingers of the print should be pointing down), leaving some white space between the hat and the handprint.

I cut out a red smile and glued it onto the handprint near the top. Then, I had my toddler dip his finger in blue paint and dab on some eyes, once that dried I added a black dot in the middle.

Add a black dot for a nose and then cut out two little pink circles for rosy cheeks.

And there you have a bearded Leprechaun!

I asked my son if he wanted to add hair and he said "NO!", we have some bald leprechauns. If you wanted, you could paint on some hair or even use yarn!

Our next craft is a Handprint Shamrock Tree

What You Need:

White paper
A pencil
Brown paint
Green paint
Green construction paper or cardstock
Green and gold glitter glue
White glue

How to Make it:

Trace your child's hand and forearm onto a piece of white paper and paint it in with brown (my toddler helped with this part).

Give your toddler some green paint and let them dab and smear on some green leaves. While they're doing that, cut some shamrocks out of your green paper.

Add glue to the back and let your toddler stick them onto the paper.

Squeeze some glitter glue onto a scrap piece of paper and let your toddler finger paint it onto the tree.

Ta-da! A shimmery shamrock tree!

We added 1 lucky four-leaf clover!

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