Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Salt Paintings & A Handprint Bunny

Easter is getting closer and closer and we haven't done much in the way of Easter crafts so far. In fact, much to my husband's annoyance, until today we still had some Valentine decorations and crafts up in the house. So, today I decided to start into our Easter crafts.

Our first craft is one that we do often and is a big hit with Toddler Bee. It's a great craft because you can adapt it to any occasion!

All You Need:

White liquid glue
Table salt
Paper (preferably something stiff, like cardstock)
Water colours or watered down acrylic paint (you can try food colouring in water, too, but I find that takes longer to dry)
Bowls and spoons or squeeze bottles, droppers, straws...the options are limitless!

On your paper, draw whatever image you're wanting to colour in your glue. We made an Easter egg and a bunny. Make sure that the lines of glue are fairly thick.

Then, have your child(ren) sprinkle the salt onto the paper. Make sure you cover all the glue! If you do this on a flexible placemat you can dump the salt back into a bowl to use for another picture (or it just makes for easier cleanup). You can gently shake off some excess salt.

Then, have your child(ren) add their colours! A drop or two goes a long way with this craft. Toddler Bee really liked watching the colours spread through the sand and it's a fun way to learn about mixing colours.

Then, leave it to dry. It is normal for extra salt to fall off once it has dried, so be prepared for a little mess.

And there you have some easy and pretty Easter artwork!

We also made these today:

They're super simple and only require some white paper, glue, and crayons. The bunny ears are The Toddler Bees' handprints. The eyes and noses were drawn on by Toddler Bee himself! We did this craft last year, too. It's one of those crafts that is fun to do each year because you can visibly see your child's growth year to year (well, in their hands, anyway).

Stay turned for more Easter crafts in the coming days!

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