Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

We've been slowly working our way through our summer Bucket List (which is rather long). We had a busy weekend so I was looking for something today that wouldn't be too labour intensive but would get us out of the house.

A Nature Scavenger Hunt seemed like the perfect solution!

I created a list of things to find in our immediate neighbourhood. It's best to add on things that you know you'll come across and because I was working with a toddler and a baby I made my list with items that I knew would be easy to find.

We did our scavenger hunt in three parts so it lasted the entire day.

Before we got going we made a pair of toilet paper roll binoculars, perfect for little explorers.

Midway through I realized I had "dog" on there twice. So it was swapped out for tree bark. We added on a few things as we went, too. We got stuck on finding a cat but just as we were heading out one last time we found one lying in the shade of a tree.

Overall, this was a total success. My toddler loved it so much!

And, you can place all your treasures in a mason jar or toss them back outside.

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