Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween: DIY Bloody Hand prints

Someone, PLEASE save me from the madhouse I live in!

Door knocker from Le Dollar Store

My husband gave me the weirdest look when I began making these handprints. And I was all, "what? You don't think these bloody handprints perfectly complement the rest of our house?" Then, as I was applying them to our front door (while wearing my pajamas, no less) our new neighbours and their kids happened to walk by. I'm great at first impressions...nothing says "I'm a normal, sane neighbour" like bloody handprints!

But you can't tell me these don't look cool! And the best part is that they are deceptively easy to make.

All you need are:

White school glue
Red paint
Plastic wrap or a ziploc bag
A hand

You just mix red paint into the white glue until you get your desired blood colour. Then, weigh down your plastic wrap or ziploc bag (I used a ziploc bag because it was thicker and all I had). Then, dip your hand in the blood mixture (or spread it on with a spoon) and press your hand onto the plastic wrap.

For a thinner/paler handprint (like the bottom one in my picture) only do one thin layer. For a thicker print you can spread more "blood" on your hand or do a second/third layer after the first has dried.

Once these are dry you peel them off the plastic wrap, being careful not to tear them. I actually ripped off a finger or two on my thin one but it was easily repairable by wetting it with a tiny bit of water.

To attach these to my window I pressed them on and then used my finger and a bit of water to wet the edges. These should just peel off when you're tired of them. Or you could leave them up forever and make your neighbours really question your sanity.

For extra ghoulishness you can write out cheery phrases like, "help me", "save me", "beware", or "we have two kids...enter at your own risk". Some drippy blood splatters are the perfect final touch, too.

The best part about these are that since I put them up we've had no door-to-door people pay us any visits. Coincidence? I think not.

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