Friday, October 26, 2012


Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, and not just because of all the candy. It's one of the few holidays where I feel I can really go crazy with my decorating and there are just so many options for what you can do.

The past few days I've started decorating the inside of our house with Toddler Bee and today we also started on decorating the outside (that can be a post for another day, I think).

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of our Halloween decorations so far!

White streamers and black paper cut-outs make for a very nice Mummy door!

Streamers for the hair, tape for the mouth, and paper plates for the eyes! This is Frankendoor!

Little mice are scurrying about our home...

These potions are my favourite part of our decorations. I collected jars in different sizes and then made my own labels. We have:
 -a Love Potion, which contains red glitter, dried flower petals, a lock of (fake) hair, a name on a piece of paper, nail clippings, and some seeds.
-Heartbreak Teardrops, which are actually a small bottle of pina colada mix.
-Pearls of wisdom, which re foam balls painted silver with glitter
-Sleeping Draught, which is simply some sprigs of rosemary, some coffee grounds in water, a branch of thorns from our rose bush, and some other random plants.
-Moonseed Mixture is a collection of whatever seeds I could find.
-And, Angels Trumpet Draught, which is made from more diluted coffee, garlic and onion peels, rose of Sharon seedpods, thorn branches, and some other random plants.

The longer they sit to fester, the better they look!

Then, I simply hot glued coffee filters onto the lids, wrapped with twine, and melted some crayons in spots to make a wax seal. 

For the rest of the display:

Candles: I held a crayon in the flame from a lighter and let it drip onto a candle (that's my bloody red one). For the other, I lit a brown candle and poured the wax over (much easier)

The cobwebs are made using a hot glue gun. You just let it heat up, add small dots of glue to spots and trail the residual "glue hair" along your props.

The other props are flowers from my garden, some rosemary, pine needles I collected and tied together, and  some fake black roses.

More and more lately it seems people don't really decorate for the holidays, which is baffling to me because it makes things so much more FUN! There are several ways to decorate for Halloween, on the cheap, too and decorations are easy to make! Happy Halloweening!

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