Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny Rabbits and Butterflies

My daughter had to get needles at her well-check yesterday and has been in a grump all day today; so, it was the perfect day to stay at home and do some crafts. 

For a week or so we had lovely weather - it was more like summer than spring. Now, the temperature is hovering dangerously close to 0C. Since it doesn't feel much like spring outside we decided to make it feel like spring inside!

Our first craft is: Coffee Filter Butterflies

What you need:

5 round coffee filters, flattened
Food colouring
Pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun

How to make it:

Fold your coffee filters in half four times, until you have one small triangle.

In your bowls, add food colouring and a splash of water. Adding too much water and not enough food colouring will make for pale, barely there colours. My best results involved using 2-3 drops of colouring and a tablespoon of water. You can always make more if you run out.

Take your folded triangles and dip them in your colours. I Let the excess drip off them. I used three colours per triangle. For some, I used a spoon to drop the colour on them for a different design.

I let my triangles sit folded for about five minutes before opening them and placing them on paper towels to dry.

To turn them into butterflies you have two options; the first is the one I used. I folded my circle in half and cut them into a butterfly shape. Then, I glued on a pipe cleaner body and antenna. Your other option is to fold the circles accordian style and hold it together in the middle with a pipe cleaner, folded in half and twisted at the top (with the two ends forming the antenna).

Then, I hung mine to the ceiling! (I used dental floss to hang them since I didn't have any fishing line) I made little flowers to cover the green painters tape I used to stick the string to the wall.

Simple and lovely! My son likes to stand before them and fan them to make them fly.

Our second craft is more Easter-y and is a Handprint Bunny!

What you need:

White paint
Pink paint
Black paint
Paint brush

How to make it:

Paint your child's hand white and press it onto the paper with all the fingers pressed side by side (so, not spread apart). I traced my daughter's hand on white paper since she's too little for hand painting (hint: tracing baby hands is easiest when they're asleep!) In our first attempt, I painted my son's thumbs, too, but didn't like they way that looked so only painted the palm and fingers for the final attempt.

Draw a round face with the white paint. Once this is dry, paint on a bunny nose, eyes and whiskers. I added pink to the ears, too.


Ta-da! A little bunny! 

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