Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our chicks have hatched!

I continue to forget that Easter is so early this year; which means I am seriously slacking on my Easter crafting.

So, today we set out to get our house Easter ready!

Our chicks have hatched!

What You Need:

Cleaned egg shells (I have a nasty habit of putting the egg shells back in the carton after I've used them for cooking. This came in handy for this craft)
Paints (pink & purple were what we used)
Yellow egg dye
Orange & yellow paper
Black and white paints
Easter basket filler (you know, that stringy paper stuff that gets everywhere)
An egg carton
Glue gun

How to make it:

Dye your clean egg shells yellow and leave to dry (I did this the night before). Paint your egg carton in your desired colours and leave that to dry, too.

Cut little orange triangles out of cardstock, these will be chick beaks!

Paint eyes onto your dry egg shells (I let my toddler do this, so they look a little wonky) and glue on the beaks. I found it was easier to use hot glue to keep the beaks on.

Then, you want to put a dot of hot glue on the side of an egg and press it lightly to the side of the carton. This is to keep them in place and stop them from sinking down.

After all your eggs are in place stuff some of your Easter basket filler paper around them. I only had 10 egg shells so I filled two of the egg spots with the paper.

We chose to make a "Happy Easter" sign and glued that to the top part of the carton.

And, TA-DA! We have some lovely Easter chicks!

Don't want to use real egg shells? Buy some plastic eggs and use the yellow ones. You could even fill them with candy (just don't glue them down) and then use it as a countdown to Easter (like an advent calendar).

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