Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Lambs

Baby animals are popping up all over our house today! I posted this morning about our baby chicks and this afternoon we were joined by two spring lambs!

This craft is easp-peasy. All you need are:

Some form of paper
Black paint
White glue
Cotton balls
White paint

Simply paint your child's hand black and press onto the paper. Try to arrange the fingers so they are spread apart. I traced around my baby's hand and filled it in with a brush because I didn't want to try to use the paint.

Then, once it's dry, spread some glue on the palm part of the hand. Stick your cotton balls to this. You can either leave them intact or pull them apart to make them extra fluffy.

Then, using white paint and a small brush, add on eyes and a smile.

Ta-da! Some lovely spring lambs.

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