Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cauliflower Pizza: FAIL!

I saw these super yummy looking cauliflower pizzas on Pinterest and thought I should try them because they look delicious.

Well, let me say...these did not work for me. At all.

I only cooked them for about half the time required and they still came out a little burnt. I tried them in paper liners and they stuck to them and would not come out. So, I tried putting them in a sprayed cupcake tin...stuck like crazy and fell apart as soon as I tried to take them out.

Despite the epic fails, they were good. I wouldn't really liken them to pizzas...they were more like a cauliflower quiche but they were still yummy.

But, I would never ever make them again. The mess would not come off my cupcake tins. I tried soaking them, filling them with water and cooking it in the oven, using a Brillo pad type thing...Nothing was getting this stuff off.

After going to the original recipe link I realized a couple things that may have sabotaged my cauliflower bites:

1. I didn't realize I was supposed to use mini cupcake tins! I didn't notice it saying that anywhere in the directions from the recipe I used.
2. You're supposed to drain the liquid from the cottage cheese. I definitely didn't do that.

So, the taste was there but it wasn't worth the hassle or the mess. These just did not work for me. Drats.

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