Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Cupcakes

Baking is one of my favourite things to do. And I like to find interesting cake and cupcake recipes. These are two of my favourites:

Hamburger Cupcakes

These cupcakes are cute and tasty and perfect for a summer BBQ!

They're easy to make, too! All you need are:
-yellow cupcakes (boxed or your own recipe)
-a chocolate sheet cake
- red icing, orange icing and green icing

1. Make your cupcakes (not in liners) and cut them in half. These will be your buns.
2. Use a small glass or cookie cutter to cut small circles out of your sheet cake. These are your beef patties!
3. Make or buy frosting and separate into three bowls. Dye one red, one yellow, and one orange. The red is ketchup, the orange is cheese, and the green is lettuce (keep a small bit of white icing, too)
4. Put a small dab of icing on the middle of the bottom bun and place the patty on top of that. Then, using piping bags (or ziploc bags with the tip snipped off) pipe on your icing into blobs of ketchups, melted cheese and strips of lettuce.
5. Top with another bun and there you have it! You can secure them with a toothpick for travelling.

Optional: Wet the top bun with a bit of water and then press on some sesame seeds.

Rainbow Cupcakes

You need:

White cupcakes
Vanilla frosting
Food colouring (as many colours as you want)


1. Make your cupcake batter and separate into as many bowls as you have colours.
2. Add 3-5 drops of food colouring to each of your bowls of batter. Mix well.
3. Line your cupcake tray and then, with a spoon, scoop in a bit of one colour of batter. Scoop a blob of the next colour on top; then the next colour and the next. You can do larger amounts and only have four layers of colours; or multiple smaller layers.
4. Bake accordingly and, when cooled, frost with your white icing!

These look very unassuming from the outside but when cut into they look awesome!

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