Friday, January 27, 2012

Cloth Cupcakes

I made this to put in my daughter's stocking for Christmas this year. They're easy, cute and would be fun for a baby shower.

What You Need:

2 wash cloths in different colours
2 small elastic bands (I use the small, colourful hair ones)
1 cupcake wrapper

How to Make Them:

Take one wash cloth and fold the sides into the middle so you have one narrow cloth.

Do the same with the second cloth.

I made my first one too wide, I ended up making it narrow like the second one.

Choose which one you want to be your "frosting" and roll it on a slight angle. You can secure this with an elastic if you want at this point.

Wrap your other cloth around this one and then secure with an elastic.

Sit the cupcake into the liner and secure with an elastic. Adjust your cloths to look the way you like them. I pushed my "icing" down a bit so it wasn't so pointed.

Ta-da! Cute and only takes 5 minutes!

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