Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crispy Chicken Wraps

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it for dinner tonight. I switched it up to tailor it more to our tastes and think it turned out great!

*This recipe is to make 4 wraps, I had ingredients left over.*

What You Need:

4 large tortillas (we used sundried tomato)
cheddar cheese
1 avocado (used for two wraps)
1/2 red pepper, roasted
cooked rice (we used jasmin and it was 2 cups water to 1 cup rice)
1 portobello mushroom (used for only two wraps)
1 tomato (used for two wraps)
1 chicken breast, shredded
1 onion chopped
1tbsp chilli powder
1/2tbsp garlic salt
Vegetable oil

How to Make:

Cook your rice according to package directions. I let mine cool to room temperature until I was ready to use it, but you can use it warm (just not too hot or the wrap will become soggy while you're filling it).

In a 350F oven cook your pepper (half or a whole one) until just soft. Let cool.

Sauté your onions until just soft. Set aside until rice is done.

Cut your vegetables into desired sizes. I discarded the seedy part of the tomato because I find that part makes things soggy. Also, shred some cheese (how much depends on how cheesy you want your wraps. We used just under two cups).

Combine your chicken and onions into the rice. Then, add your garlic salt and chilli powder. Mix well.

Put some oil in your pan, just enough to coat the bottom and heat on medium/medium high.

While your pan is heating, place your wrap on a flat surface. Sprinkle the cheese on the wrap, avoiding the outer edge. In the middle of the wrap make a long pile of your rice mixture. Then, top this with whatever veggies you want in your wrap.

My husband had mushrooms, tomatoes, and red peppers in his. I had avocado and red pepper in mine.

Roll your wraps in your preferred way and then place in the heated pan seam side down.

Watch them closely because they cook fast! My first side was a little too crisp but it still tasted wonderful. I turned mine and cooked them on each side so they were crisp all the way around.

Then, when ready to serve, cut in half. These would be really good with sour cream (I forgot to get some). We coupled ours with homemade fries.

This meal was incredibly filling. I made my two wraps on the smaller side and my husband's on the larger side. My husband could only eat one before he was full.

The only critique my husband had was that the rice needed more flavour and I should have cooked the mushrooms first instead of putting them in raw. I thought the rice was great the way it was, but Mr. Bee doesn't really like rice to begin with.

We'll for sure be doing these again!

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