Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 4!

Today started out blissfully with my toddler loudly announcing, "It's morning! The sun is back!" while prying my eyelids open. To make the morning even better, I spilled coffee on myself not once, not twice, but three times and it's rained all day long. Nothing makes for a cheery holiday season like rain!

So, today was the perfect day for some crafting. But first, we took a trip to the library. My toddler very proudly selected his own Christmas themed books and checked them out at the self checkout. Meanwhile, I chased Baby Bee around the room as she seemed to move at lighting speed to get into every thing she could get her pudgy hands on.

I'm pretty sure I heard a collective sigh of relief once we walked towards the exit.

Back at home I decided to do a craft with Toddler Bee while Baby Bee had a nap. Unfortunately, he woke her up in the middle of the craft and she proceeded to chew on paint bottles, glue bottles, glitter bottles, and rip pages out of books (thankfully not library ones!). But, the craft got done and turned out quite nice!

Today's craft is...

Holiday Wreath Sun Catcher!

What You Need:

1. A paper plate
2. Green paint
3. Pieces of tissue paper (I used bits of party streamer I've saved for crafts)
4. Paints and glitter glue in different colours
5. Red craft paper
6. White glue and water
7. A sheet of wax paper 

How to Make it:

1. Cut the centre out of your plate so you are only left with the outer ring. Paint this green.
2. In a bowl, combine some white paint and water. You don't want it too watery.
3. Have your kid(s) rip your tissue paper into small-ish pieces.
4. Now, you can either place the tissue paper pieces on the wax paper and brush the glue mixture over them. Or, you can dip your tissue paper pieces in the glue mixture then press them onto the wax paper. We've tried both methods and I find the latter easier. We sprinkled some loose red glitter over the wax paper while it was still wet.

5. Once your wreath ring is dry you can decorate it with the other paints. I let my toddler decorate with paint and glitter. We also made a red bow at this point and added some glitter (glitter makes everything better!)

6. Once your wax paper sheet is dry you can put glue or double sided tape on the unpainted side of the wreath; then, just press your wreath ring onto the wax paper.
7. Cut off the excess wax paper. And glue or tape your bow into place
8. You can poke a little hole in the top and thread some string through so it can hang in a window.

And there you have it! Not very complicated but definitely cute!

Ta-da! A holiday wreath sun catcher.

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