Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 12!

A bout of winter colds has been running through our household the past week or so. So, our crafts have been pretty easy. And, of course, now that the kids are on the mend the parents are getting sick. Poor Toddler Bee is getting pretty stir crazy because all Mama Bee wants to do is sit around and complain.

So, what is a perfect solution for a bored toddler and a sick Mama? Crafts! Preferably crafts that require minimal work and a chair to sit on.

And so...

Winter Scenes

Snowglobes are one of my absolute favourite things ever. I've liked them as long as I can remember and am always on the lookout for pretty ones. I saw on the Martha Stewart website a craft that involved making your own snowglobes and I thought that would be perfect to do with Toddler Bee! 

What You Need:

An empty and clean glass jar with lid
Winter figures
Hot glue

How To:

I ended up not adding water to this because I wasn't sure how the figures would holdup submerged for long periods of time. The tree I used has wire in it and I was worried it would start to rust or that the water would turn all gross. So, this is more of a winter scene than a snowglobe.

First, I took an empty jar (mine was a pickle jar). Then, when my husband was out of the house, I stole a fake tree from his Christmas village and hacked part of it off to make it fit in the jar. I hot glued it back onto it's base and then hot glued that to the lid of the jar. (Sorry about taking the village tree, dear.)

Then, I took a little snowman figure and hot glued him on the lid near the tree. At this point Toddler Bee decided that that was enough for his winter scene and so we added some fake snow and called it a day.

You could add anything to these! I may experiment with adding water and glitter at a later date.

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