Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 16!

Since half the Bee family was out with a nasty stomach bug this weekend I needed an activity that would keep the kids occupied but that would allow Mama and Papa Bee to stay on the couch and complain of how ill they were feeling.

A perfect day for...

Penguin Bowling!

I had started the preparations for this craft a few days ago but one thing or another came up and it didn't get finished. But, it turned out to be the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday. And, it's very easy to create!

All You Need:

Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
Black, white, blue, and orange paint
Paint brushes
An old white sock
Black and red markers
A round Christmas ornament

How To:

You can either leave your toilet paper rolls all the same size or trim them to be different sizes; I trimmed mine down to different sizes...and they weren't all even.

Then, you paint them black (leaving an unpainted arch for the white belly) and then paint the belly white.

Once the paint is dry, you can add on some eyes and a beak.

For your "bowling ball" you will take your old sock and stuff the Christmas ornament into the toe of it. Then, just wrap the sock around and fit the open end over the ball as best you can. It may take some tugging and arranging to get it to stay. Then, draw on a snowman face with your markers.

And then go bowling!

If you have older kids you could always weigh down your penguins by sealing them and stuffing them with something heavy like rice or beans. And, you can add number points to the back if you want to make it a more competitive game. My kids were just happy to throw the snowman at the poor, unsuspecting penguins.  I will blame the fact that I was sick on my inability to knock down more than one penguin from a distance of two feet away...

For the snowman ball, you could always use a plain ornament or any kind of ball, really. Let your imagination take you wherever! 

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