Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 3

Today's Christmas craft is another fairly easy one and , like most crafts I present, they get your kid(s) involved. The materials needed are minimal (which is always great) and it doesn't make that  much of a mess. The only tricky part is getting your squirmy child to let you get a handprint done. Instead of using paints, you could always trace around our child's hand on white paper and use that. I, however, like to do things the difficult way.

Today's craft is...

Handprint Santa!

What You Will Need:

1. Paper (in any colour, really)
2. White paint
3. Red craft paper
4. Pink Paint
5. Fine tipped black marker or pen
6. Paint colour of your choice (for eyes)

How You Make it:

1. Paint your child's hand with the white paint, then press it onto your piece of paper.
2. Let them dab on dots of white paint for eyes. Once the white has dried add on your eye colour. We did blue and, as I'm sure you can tell from Santa's somewhat lazy eyes, my toddler did this himself. The baby had assistance.
3. Cut out a Santa hat and glue it on. Make sure to add some white trim and pom-pom!
4. Cut out a red smile and glue that onto Santa's beard. 
5. Have your kids dab on some pink dots for rosy cheeks. Again, you can tell I let my kids do this part...
6. Then, just draw on a nose!

Ta-da! A handprint Santa. Very easy and pretty cute!

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