Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 19.5

Earlier in the day I posted about the Grinch Themed day we had. Well, as dinnertime began to roll around I looked at the meal I had planned for tonight and thought, "Hey! I could make this Grinchy!" So, what started out as a plain ol' ham dinner turned into a Roast Beast dinner, accompanied with a side of Who Hash and Mashed Who-tatoes! And, let's not forget a cool glass of Who Nog (aka milk with green food colouring).

When my husband sat down to the table he said, "Looks great, hunny, and smells delicious."
When my toddler sat down to the table he took one look at the platter of food and said, "HEY! It's just like The Grinch! Can of Beast!"
My toddler, he gets me.

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