Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 1

I'm starting a little late this year so I will have to post three days worth of events/crafts today. 

Our first craft is one I started when Toddler Bee was but a tiny guy, just a year old. It's become a sort of tradition about these parts and is usually the first craft I do usher in the Christmas season.

It is a...

Footprint Reindeer!

As far as crafts go, this one is pretty easy. And it makes for an adorable little keepsake. I've kept the ones I've made and it is so cute to see how big my kids have gotten.

What You Need:

Brown craft paper (one sheet of light brown and another darker shade)
White paint
Black paint
Red paper
Red glitter
Optional: black marker and green craft paper

*Typically, I like to use cardstock for this because it's sturdier. However, I have run out of dark brown cardstock; so, I used plain white paper and painted it brown.*

What to do:

1. On a piece of brown cardstock trace around the shape of your child's foot. You don't want to trace around the individual toes, just the general shape. Cut this out.
*Whether you use light or dark brown for the "head" of the reindeer is totally up to you!

2. Trace your child's hands onto the other shade of brown paper. This can be a little tricky with younger kids and I have found it is sometimes easiest to do when they are asleep. Cut out the hands

3. Glue your hand antlers to the back of the foot. You want the heel of the foot to be at the bottom, so the antlers attach to the toe area.

4. Cut a circle out of your red paper and then cover that in red glitter glue (optional).

5. Glue your red nose to your reindeer's head. Then, let your child dab on some white spots for eyes. Once the whites have dried you can dap some black in the centre.

6. I added some eyelashes using a fine tipped black marker and added a green bow for a girly reindeer.

And, that's it! Easy and pretty adorable, if I do say so myself!

Like I said earlier, I keep the footprint reindeer I make each year and pulled them out after these ones were done. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner over how big my babies have gotten.

Toddler Bee's Reindeer. Ages 1-3

Baby Bee's Reindeer. Age 3 days old-1 year. *sob*

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