Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Countdown: Day 22!

Today's craft is one that has the potential to get a little messy, especially when you are working with kids who have insanely ticklish feet like mine. But, footprint and handprint crafts are some of my favourites to make with my kids. To be able to look back on crafts from years past and have a visual of just how much your kids have grown is a sweet reminder of the babies they used to be. Plus, there is just something so adorable about chubby little baby/toddler feet and hands!

So, for today's Christmas craft we made...


This craft is actually very easy, once you get past the wrangling you squirmy kids and letting them paint their chubby little foot. 

What You Need:

A piece of paper (any colour, really)
Green paint
Red paint
Paint brush

How To:

Paint your child's foot with the green paint and then press it onto the piece of paper. For us, it was easier for me to have them sit on my lap and then press the foot onto the paper (with a book behind for support). I've tried having my toddler stand and press his foot onto a piece of paper on the floor, but that never turns out for us.

Once you have both footprints on the paper paint on a red bow and TA-DA! You have a rather cute pair of "mistletoes"!

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