Thursday, August 30, 2012

We Had Plenty of Fun Today!

I decided last night to do a treasure hunt with my toddler. I had bought chocolate gold coins a week or so ago and they were just sitting in a bag, waiting to be used. This seemed like the perfect opportunity!

So, while the kids we sleeping, I stained paper with cold tea bags and then came up with my clues. This being a pirate treasure hunt the clues had to rhyme!

Once the clues were written I tore the edges of the paper and then burned them with a lighter. All was going well...until I lit one piece, thought I blew it out...and had a mini fire on my hands! The page burned a little more than I intended, but that's OK. I also forgot to add a word or two here and there; so, it's a good thing my toddler can't read.

I hid the clues this morning while Daddy Bee occupied the kids. And then we were off to look for treasure! Let me tell you, if there is one way to excite a toddler it's to let them dig in some dirt to find a box of candy.

Treasure! I threw in some jewellery to make it a little more exciting, too.

I took a granola bar box and turned it into
a treasure chest for our gold!
Simply paint it brown, add some
gold-painted strips and a keyhole...simple!

The Clues:


We played some balloon badminton! I don't have a picture of this one because I was a little busy dodging flying balloons and my toddler whacking me with his "paddle". But, you simple blow up a balloon, hot glue some popsicle sticks to paper plates and get to whacking!

After that we....

Made rain sticks! Typically, this is made with a long tube but I didn't have any that were thick enough, so we used a plastic tube that used to hold disinfecting cloths. We tapped long nails into it with a hammer and then decorated the outside with tissue paper, stickers, paint, and glitter. Then, we filled it with rice and elbow macaroni. I think this would have worked a bit better with a longer tube, but it still makes a nice sound!

What Else We Did:

-We revisited our love of baking soda and vinegar volcanoes (this is a favourite in our house and guaranteed to keep Toddler Bee happy)
-We played "dragon" where we chased each other around roaring like a dragon
-We did dishes! Did you know dishes can be a learning experience? Toddler Bee stands on a chair at the sink (beside me) and I ask him the colours of the dishes, if they're big or small, will they sink or float, etc. 
-And other boring things like sorting out clothes and cleaning bedroom. Hey, the fun stuff can't happen if the house is a mess, right?

Here's to it being almost the weekend!

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