Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Acrylic Paint Tie-Dye

A few weeks ago we were visiting with some family and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to try out acrylic paint tie-dying. It seemed simple, which is always a plus when working with young kids. It also seemed less messy than regular tie-dying, which is also a plus when working with kids.

All You Need:

A white shirt
Elastic bands
Acrylic paints and spray bottles (we used squeeze bottles)

What You Do:

In your bottles, mix you paint in your water until there are no chunks left. The more paint the darker the colours will be.

Wet your shirts and then squeeze most of the water out of it.

Tie your shirts whatever way you want to get whatever kind of pattern you want, securing with elastic bands. We found that the best way was the traditional spiral-style, which gave better coverage and design. (Spiral tying:

Then, let your kids spray or squirt their shirts with the paint!

We left ours to dry tied up for a bit, but we became impatient and unfurled them to let them dry on a clothes line.

These seem to be holding up well, even with washing, and if it does fade it's OK because it's easy and cheap enough to be done again!

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