Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trees and Butterflies

Today was a gloomy, cold, and rainy day so we've been inside crafting.

Today, we made spring trees and butterflies to bring some brightness to our otherwise yuck day.

As with most other crafts I do, these are easy and ones that involve your kiddo(s)!

So, let's start with our Spring Tree!

What You Need:

White paper
Brown paint
Pink tissue paper
White glue

How to make it:

Trace your child's hand and forearm onto a piece of paper and fill it in with brown paint.

When it's dry, let your toddler squeeze the glue onto the hand part of the tree.

Then, have them rip up small pieces of tissue paper, which you then roll into little balls.

Give your toddler your tissue paper balls and have them press them onto the glue.

Ta-da! You have a tree sprouting some lovely pink spring blossoms!

Our second craft are Footprint Butterflies!

What You Need:

Paints, in as many colours as you'd like
Paper plate
Blank paper
Black marker

How to:

Squeeze your paints onto the paper plate in which even design you'd like your butterfly wings to appear.

Then, press your child's foot into the paint and press that onto your blank paper.

Make another print beside the first and when they have dried paint on your butterfly body. When that has dried draw on eyes and a smile using your marker.


Another easy and cute craft!

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